Why Should We Be Pro-Life-09 How Does An Abortion Effect The Woman And Her Future Children mp3

Why Should We Be Pro-Life-09 How does an abortion affect the women and her future children mp3

How does an abortion affect a woman and her future children?  Do abortions harm a woman’s health?  Yes.  Here are a few facts.  Abortions raise a woman’s chance of breast cancer by 30 to 50%.  Women who have an abortion raise the risk of future premature births and low birth weights.  Abortions raise the risk of future child mortality rates by two to four times.  Abortions have been linked to future children having cerebral palsy.  Ectopic pregnancies increase by 500% from past abortions.  And a woman is 2.95 more likely to die from complications from an abortion than just giving birth.  Listen to today’s podcast and hear more devastating statistics about abortion.

Many arguments are offered as to why that “thing” in the womb is not a human?  Does size determine personhood?  If a person is vertically challenged, are they less of a human?  What if someone is less developed?  Should they be considered less human?  A one year old is less developed then a thirty year old.  Does that make it ok to kill the one year old?  How about a person’s environment?  Is it ok to kill a child because it’s in the womb and you can’t see it?  Does the child’s location in the womb make it part of the womb?  When twins have bodies that are connected, can one have the other killed simply because they are connected?  Can one say to the other, because you are part of my body, I am going to abort you?  Does degree of dependence determine ones right to life?  A child in the womb cannot survive without it’s mothers help.  Does being dependent on someone or something else change ones personhood?  If your spouse is in a horrible car accident and is on life support, is he or she less of a human?  Does it become ok to deprive them of life?

When someone tells you a women should have a right to choose, what should you ask? A right to choose “what”? The question is what is that thing growing in her belly? If it’s a person, would it be ok to kill it? What if the child is a product of rape? Many people believe this is a women’s rights issue. When we take into account that most abortions are baby girls, I would agree, it is a women’s rights issue. Today we will continue a series about why we should choose to preserve life.

Here’s the entire mp3 podcast series on Why We Should Be Pro-Life, ready for download.

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