Why Should We Be Pro-Life 07 Abortion Is A Womans Rights Issue-mp3

Why-Should-We-Be-Pro-Life-07 Abortion Is A Womans Rights Issue-mp3

Is it wrong to force your views on other people?  Would it still be wrong to force your view on someone if that someone was an unborn child?  Are moral right and wrongs, relative?   Is it intolerant to be intolerant to the intolerant?  Today we will talk about moral relativism and how it plays a role in the abortion debate.

Is abortion a woman’s rights issue?  Yes.  Everybody knows that most babies that are aborted are female.  These precious little girls will never have rights.  They will never experience life.  And when it’s time to vote on women’s issues, they will not be there to speak their voice.  Abortion IS an attack on women.  Why are single men the largest group supporting abortion?  Friends…this is a women’s rights issue.  Let’s stand together for our little ladies.

Many arguments are offered as to why that “thing” in the womb is not a human?  Does size determine personhood?  If a person is vertically challenged, are they less of a human?  What if someone is less developed?  Should they be considered less human?  A one year old is less developed then a thirty year old.  Does that make it ok to kill the one year old?  How about a person’s environment?  Is it ok to kill a child because it’s in the womb and you can’t see it?  Does the child’s location in the womb make it part of the womb?  When twins have bodies that are connected, can one have the other killed simply because they are connected?  Can one say to the other, because you are part of my body, I am going to abort you?  Does degree of dependence determine ones right to life?  A child in the womb cannot survive without it’s mothers help.  Does being dependent on someone or something else change ones personhood?  If your spouse is in a horrible car accident and is on life support, is he or she less of a human?  Does it become ok to deprive them of life?

Here’s the entire mp3 podcast series on Why We Should Be Pro-Life, ready for download.

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