Why Should We Be Pro-Life-06 Making Abortion Illegal Forces Women To Have Unsafe Illegal Abortions-mp3

Why Should We Be Pro-Life-06 Making Abortion Illegal Forces Women To Have Unsafe Illegal Abortions-mp3

Episode 93 If abortion is made is made illegal, will it “force” women to have unsafe illegal abortions?  This argument fails on many levels.  Since it’s unsafe to rob a home should we make it safer for burglars to break into houses? Just because an illegal act is unsafe, it doesn’t  make it ok to allow it.  Are we forcing women to abort their children illegally?  No!  Women who do not want their child still have options.   Should we keep abortion legal simply because women will get them either way?  That’s like asking if we should make rape legal because it’s going to happen either way.  The main point still stands…it is a child.  If it is a child, it has rights as a human and should not be killed.

When someone tells you a women should have a right to choose, what should you ask?  A right to choose “what”?  The question is what is that thing growing in her belly?  If it’s a person, would it be ok to kill it?  What if the child is a product of rape?  Many people believe this is a women’s rights issue.  When we take into account that most abortions are baby girls, I would agree, it is a women’s rights issue.  Today we will begin a series about why we should choose to preserve life.

We will cover other topics in this series such as:

  • Is it a part of the woman’s body?
  • How do we handle cases of rape and incest?
  • What about the women that may die from illegal abortions if we make this practice illegal?
  • Is it wrong to “force your views on others”?
  • Should a woman’s health be brought into the pro-life/pro-choice debate
  • Should a woman have a right to privacy in this matter?
  • Should abortion be ok if it will potentially stop abuse?
  • Is it ok to kill a child if it is going to be born disabled
  • Who will take care of all the unwanted children
  • What are the physical and mental results of having an abortion.
  • We will also discuss the SLED argument.  Size, Level of development, Environment and Degree of Dependence.

Here’s the entire mp3 podcast series on Why We Should Be Pro-Life, ready for download.

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