What is Jediism 03 episode Jedi Religion 226

What is Jediism 03 episode 226 mp3

may theforce be with youToday were going to conclude the series on the Jedi religion otherwise known as Jediism and look at a few more of the Jedi beliefs.

Jedi believe that everyone has a destiny

As we talked about yesterday, Jediism holds that everyone has a soul-plan.  The force that resides in all things including the soul also has a plan and purpose for all of humanity.  Keep in mind that Jedi also believe that they all have a mission in life that they alone choose.  I’m not sure if they have thought this through.  How does the force determine their destiny and yet they alone choose their mission in life?

Again this gives you the impression that the force is in some aspects like a god.  The force has a panentheistic feeling to it as it both resides in all things and all things in it.  Yet the force also seems to be superior to all of its creation be having a destiny for each soul.  The force also receives all living souls to itself after the souls body dies.

The force and life after death

Jediism holds that life continues on after the death of the body.  It is believed that after death the soul returns to the force.  This almost gives one the impression that the force may exist as a sort of collective conscious.  I’m not sure how that works.  Either way, Jedi try to avoid excessive mourning for the dead as they believe the soul has returned to the force.

The Law of Attraction

Believers in Jediism believe in the law of attraction.  The law of attraction is similar to what is taught in some Christian circles as positive confession.  It’s the idea that our thoughts and words can attract or supernaturally change the world around us.  If you believe and speak as if you are healthy, you will become healthy.  If you believe and speak that you’re wealthy, you will become wealthy.   Our words are portrayed as containers of power that can influence and change the world.  This is not much different than what Rhonda Byrnes teaches in here book The Secret.

The truth is, we can speak words that can change others attitudes but we cannot use our words to supernaturally change the world around us.  We can pray to the Creator of the heavens and the earth and ask Him to help us but we ourselves do not hold that kind of power.

One with the Force

Jedi feel that it is their purpose to become one with the force.  To become one with the force equates to immortality.

Jedi believe they can see into the future

I have yet to hear of a single documented and fulfilled prophecy coming from Jediism.  Conversely, to my knowledge, the Bible is the only book in history that is able to foretell the future accurately.  In fact the Bible has hundreds of specific prophecies that have come to pass exactly as the Bible said they would.  If you doubt this, please check out my series on the Evidence for the Divine Inspiration of the Bible here.  http://youthapologeticstraining.com/divineinspirationofthebible

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What is Jediism 03 episode 226 mp3

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