Through the Bible in Five 31 Obadiah Episode 223

Through the Bible in Five 31 Obadiah Episode 223 mp3

ObadiahToday were going to overview the book of Obadiah.

When was Obadiah written?  Obadiah was written somewhere shortly after the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.

Who wrote Obadiah?  Uhhh…Obadiah

What’s Obadiah about?  Obadiah is the shortest book of the Bible with a massive length of one chapter.  Obadiah prophesies of the coming judgment on Edom for their wickedness against God’s people of Judah.  The Edomites are the descendants of Esau and have carried animosity against the people of Judah since the days of Jacob and Esau.  As the book of Obadiah progresses you learn that the people of Edom had laughed at Judah’s calamity.  Edom had joined with the Babylonians in conquering and plundering the people of Judah.  Obadiah Even mentions the fact that the Edomites had captured those who tried to escape Judah and had returned them to the Babylonians.

God was very angry about how the Edomites had treated their brethren from Israel.  God, speaking through Obadiah foretells of a time in the future when the people of Edom shall be destroyed for their treatment of the people of Judah.

Outline of the Book of ObadiahObadiah

1:1-9 Obadiah foretells that judgment is coming to Edom.

1:10-14 Obadiah gives the reasons why God is going to destroy them.

1:15-21 Obadiah tells of the Day of the Lord when God will punish all who have maltreated God’s people.

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