The Evidence For The Resurrection 08 mp3

Evidence For The Resurrection 08

What if Jesus didn’t die on the cross?  What if He nearly appeared to die, perhaps falling unconscious, thus fooling the Roman guards into believing he was dead and placing him in the tomb?  And what if He revived in that cold damp tomb and escaped, resulting in the mass duping of the whole world?  Today we will discuss what many call the swoon theory.  We will also examine three more bits of evidence before refuting the swoon theory.  In the Evidence For The Resurrection series we will look at five facts that Christian and secular scholars accept.  This method of biblical defense is effective because skeptics must account for these facts in order to discount the resurrection.  Following the five facts we will add more interesting bits of history that help show the resurrection as historical.  Then we will engage a list of the top ten arguments against the resurrection and refute them.  By the end of this series you will be able to defend the resurrection smoothly and effectively to influence loved ones for Christ.

The goal of Youth Apologetics Training is to publish five minute podcasts and articles organized into classes five days a week.  These courses will be posted at, and itunes, five days a week for download.  The courses will be geared toward fourth to twelfth grade minds organized in various levels of Christian development from beginners to the advanced.  Each episode will be teaching a couple simple concepts with an emphasis on repetition.  The point is not to dazzle them with tons of complicated material but to actually teach them

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