Natural Theology and Charles Darwin

Natural Theologynatural theology

During this series on the History of Darwinism, we learn that the young Charles Darwin subscribed to natural theology.  This is the belief that we can learn about God through natural and ordinary experiences.  This naturalistic philosophy states that we do not need the Bible to know about God.  As you will see, natural theology completely undermines the Bible.

Miracles and Natural Theology

There is a strong emphasis on naturalism.  Miracles are excluded.  Whenever the Bible speaks about miracles, it is assumed that either there is a natural explanation or God is speaking in an accommodating language.

Creation does not change

Natural Theology led many theologians to conclude that creation cannot change.  If creation could change then we would have no way of knowing and understanding God.  This led some to conclude that a global flood and the fall of man could not have taken place.


Natural theology is just one more way to compromise the scriptures.  If Charles Darwin subscribed to natural theology than it’s doubtful he was a born again believer in Jesus Christ as many claim.

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