Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics 05 The Accommodation Principle and the One Interpretation Principle 332

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The Accommodation Principle

the accommodation principle

The accommodation principle is the concept that God uses language that accommodates our human understanding of things.  This is not to say that God lies to us or gives us just so stories but there are times when God uses language in the Bible to describe something in terms that we should not take too literally.  For example, God speaks about Himself in ways that sometimes personify Him in a human way.  The Bible speaks about the arm of the Lord.  Sacrifices are said to be a sweet aroma in God’s nostrils.  The phrase “face of the Lord” shows up several times in the Bible.  Latter Day Saints (Mormons) take these types of accommodating language and conclude that the Father is a flesh and blood man.  Numbers 23:19 says that god is not a man that he should lie.  The Bible is simply using accommodating language.  We need to be aware that Bible uses this type of language in places.

The One Interpretation Principle

Every scripture in the Bible has only one interpretation.  A scripture may have several applications and may even be a shadow or type of a future event, but it still only has one interpretation.   Some pastors teach that all the promises that were given to Israel were forfeited when Israel rejected her Messiah.  They then conclude that all the promises to Israel now go to the Christian church.  This doctrine is called replacement theology and it is riddled with problems.  One problem is that it gives the promises made to Israel more than one interpretation.

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