Did Christianity Copy Mystery Religions 15 The Historicity of Jesus- Looking At The Claims Of Zeitgeist mp3

Did Christianity Copy Mystery Religions 15- Historicity Of Jesus- Looking At The Claims Of Zeitgeist mp3

The Zeitgeist movie claims that only four historians mention Jesus and that they mention him as his title, the Christ.  This suggests that there are others that carry the title of the Christ.  Is Jesus a Historical person or is he just another mythical story character?    Did Christianity copy the ancient mystery god myths?  Join us, build up your faith and learn the answers to these tough questions.

The goal of Youth Apologetics Training is to publish five to ten minute podcasts and articles organized into classes five days a week.  These courses will be posted at Youthapologeticstraing.com, SermonAudio.com and itunes, five days a week for download.  The courses will be geared toward fourth to twelfth grade minds organized in various levels of Christian development from beginners to the advanced.  Each episode will be teaching a couple simple concepts with an emphasis on repetition.  The point is not to dazzle them with tons of complicated material but to actually teach them one or two concepts a day.  I want your young evangelists to know understand and remember everything I cover.  I want this to be a daily family time activity.  Talk to your kids about the lessons.  Encourage repetition and test them.  If you want to know how to teach apologetics to youth, let Youth Apologetics Training help.

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