121- What Do the Roman Catholics Believe 17 Looking At the Books of the Apocrypha

121- What Do the Roman Catholics Believe 17 Looking At the Books of the Apocrypha

Have you ever wondered what the Apocrypha is all about?  On today’s episode were going to take a brief look at several books of the Apocrypha.  The books we will cover today are:  The Epistle of Jeremiah, The Song of the Three Holy Children, The Story of Suzanna, Bel and the Dragon, first and second Maccabees.

The epistle of Jeremiah:  An additional chapter added to the book of Baruch.  This epistle is said to be written by Jeremiah even though it dates to about 200 B.C.

Song of the Three Holy Children:  An additional chapter to the book of Daniel that depicts the praises, prayers and songs of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, while they were in the fiery furnace.

The Story of Suzanna:  An addition to the book of Daniel.  This the story of a woman named Suzanna, who gets falsely accused of adultery and nearly gets condemned when Daniel steps in and saves her.

Bel and the Dragon:  To Additions to the book of Daniel. In the story of Bel, we see how Daniel catches some priests trying to trick him by spreading ashes on the floor of a temple.  The Priests were trying to make Daniel think that the idol of Baal was consuming their offering.  In a separate story, Daniel refuses to worship a dragon and accepts a challenge to kill the dragon without a sword.  Daniel accomplishes this by feeding the dragon a mixture of fat, hair and pitch.  This concoction causes the dragon to burst.

1 Maccabees:  A historical account of the Jews fight for freedom from Greek domination.  The book covers from about 175 to 135 B.C.  This is a good read.

On of the most helpful books available on Catholicism.  This book not only teaches you what they believe, it teaches how you can ask questions to lead your Catholic friend to the truth.

Here’s the entire mp3 podcast series on the topic of Roman Catholicism, ready for download.

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